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Young Adult Fantasy

This Poison Heart Duology Bundle

This Poison Heart Duology Bundle

Kalynn Bayron

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The "This Poison Heart" duology by Kalynn Bayron consists of two young adult fantasy novels with elements of LGBTQIA+ themes.

This Poison Heart (June 29, 2021):
Synopsis: Bri Greene, living with her adoptive mothers in Brooklyn, struggles with her supernatural power to control plants. When Bri inherits a house and land from her biological aunt, she and her mothers see it as a potential solution to their financial woes. At the estate, Bri discovers a hidden garden with both medicinal and deadly plants, and a unique plant thought to be mythical. Her life takes a turn as she encounters local individuals with hidden agendas and learns of her family's magical history, leading to tragic consequences and revelations about her past​.

This Wicked Fate (2022):
Synopsis: In this sequel, Bri faces the grief of her adoptive mother Thandie being held in the underworld. She learns she can save her by reuniting pieces of a mythical plant, which is linked to her family's legacy as descendants of the goddess Hecate. The quest to find the pieces leads Bri on a perilous journey involving magical concealment, familial betrayal, and the struggle to rectify past wrongs. Her efforts are complicated by the machinations of Karter Redmond's family, who are also in pursuit of the plants for their own sinister purposes​.

Both books in the duology blend fantasy and mythology with modern elements, offering an engaging story that explores themes of family, identity, and the complexities of power and legacy.

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