Company Reads Affiliate Partnership Program


At BLK & Company Reads, we want to foster an exclusive space dedicated to promoting and celebrating diverse voices within the Black community. More importantly, we want to focus on recognizing and promoting up & coming authors who are reshaping the literary landscape.

The Company Reads Affiliate Partnership Program has been designed to champion and promote fiction by black authors through the dedicated voices of those passionate about literature. This initiative seeks not only to extend our brand's reach but also to empower our affiliates, providing them with a platform to grow and amplify their own reading-focused content. Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial relationship where each affiliate can enhance their presence within the book community, attract a broader audience, and open new avenues for personal and collective growth.



Each affiliate partnership is structured as a 6-month term. This period allows affiliates to fully engage with our collections and their audience, providing ample time to generate impactful results. At the end of each term, affiliates may have the option to renew their partnership, contingent upon performance review and mutual agreement.


During the 6-month term, Company Reads affiliates can select up to three books each month from our specially curated collections to promote. These promotions are to be shared on at least one social media platform, such as Instagram or TikTok. To aid in these promotional efforts, each affiliate will be provided with a unique link and/or a special discount codetailored for their audience, which not only benefits their followers but also tracks sales effectively.

Tools and Support

To ensure our affiliates have everything they need to succeed, each will receive a personal login to our affiliate portal, where they can track real-time statistics and sales data. Additionally, affiliates will have access to a project management tool to help organize and schedule their promotional activities.

Commission Structure

Introductory Tier (First 15 Sales): Affiliates will not receive a commission for up to the first 15 cumulative sales over the six-month period. This stage is crucial as it allows them to establish a successful marketing approach and get acclimated to the program, setting a strong foundation for subsequent promotional activities.

Micro-Influencer Phase (Starting from the 16th sale): Once an affiliate reaches 16 sales, they start earning a 15% commission on all subsequent sales, including any further sales within the 15-45 range, with the commission being retroactively applied from the 16th sale onward. This tier rewards growing success and encourages continued effort.

Book Influencer Phase (45+ sales): Beyond 45 sales, a higher commission rate of 25% is applied, recognizing and rewarding significant affiliate contributions. Commissions are calculated monthly and paid out at the beginning of the following month, ensuring a seamless and timely reward for the affiliates’ efforts.


Eligibility Criteria: Prospective affiliates must meet the following criteria to participate in our program:

Active Social Media Presence and Audience Engagement:

  • Must have an established and active account on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, which will be used for promoting our books and bookstore.
  • At least 250 followers on the intended promotional platform, with a robust engagement rate that shows active interaction from followers.

Advocacy and Values Alignment:

  • A clear and demonstrated commitment to celebrating black fiction, with content that reflects values of diversity, inclusion, and cultural respect. This commitment should be evident in how they engage their audience and the broader community.

Content Quality and Posting Consistency:

  • Demonstrated ability to produce high-quality, informative, and engaging content that resonates with and grows their audience.
  • Regular and consistent posting history that indicates a dependable presence and committed audience.

BONUS: Experience in Collaborations: Previous experience in collaborations or affiliate marketing, demonstrating a proficiency in professional partnerships.


Video Content Creation:

  • Create at least one 60+ second speaking video per book selected for the month, discussing key themes, providing a synopsis, and offering personal insights or reviews.
  • For affiliates choosing three books, at least two must be promoted within the same month as the release.
  • Videos must be posted within 60 days of receiving the books to prevent titles from being overlooked in to-be-read (TBR) lists.
  • Videos must meet a minimum standard of audio and visual quality. Clear audio and stable, well-lit video presentations are required.

Social Media Engagement:

  • Each post must include specific hashtags and tag BLK & Company Reads’ official social media handles, as well as the handles of the individual authors, to enhance visibility and engagement.
  • Engage with followers’ comments on these posts to foster a community and enhance engagement.

Posting Schedule and Reporting:

  • Affiliates are required to log the day each video is posted as well as the book(s) mentioned in the affiliate tracking software provided by BLK & Company Reads.
  • Submit performance metrics for each video after 30 days, including metrics such as the number of views, comments, and likes. This data is essential for assessing the impact of each affiliate's promotional efforts.

These structured expectations will help ensure that promotional efforts are effective and aligned with the program’s goals, providing a consistent and professional approach to marketing your curated collections of black fiction.


The Company Reads Affiliate Program is designed not only to promote our curated collections but also to provide significant benefits to our affiliates, recognizing their crucial role in the book community. Affiliates will enjoy the following advantages:

Commission Structure:

  • Affiliates will earn commissions based on the tiered structure outlined in the program details, rewarding successful sales achievements with competitive rates.

Exclusive Personal Discount:

  • Each affiliate is provided with a personal 25% discount code that can be used once a month on purchases from our bookstore. This benefit allows affiliates to enjoy our literature at a more accessible price, encouraging personal exploration and enjoyment of new releases and popular reads.

Early Access to New Releases:

  • Affiliates will receive early access to new book releases, giving them the opportunity to be among the first to read and review upcoming titles. This early access not only benefits their content creation by keeping it current and relevant but also positions them as leading voices in the literary community.

Involvement in Book Selection:

  • We value the insights and preferences of our Company Reads’ affiliates and offer them the opportunity to give input on the selection of our monthly collections. This collaborative approach ensures that our offerings resonate well with the community and reflect the diverse tastes and interests of our readers and affiliates alike.

Networking and Community Building:

  • Affiliates will have opportunities to participate in exclusive events and community forums, allowing them to network with other affiliates, authors, and leaders in the literary community. These interactions can enhance their influence and offer further opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Submit Your Application:

  • Interested individuals should fill out the questionnaire form linked below. This form collects information about your social media presence, engagement with black fiction, and alignment with our values.

Selection and Waitlist:

  • After submitting the form, applicants will be added to our waitlist. For the second half of 2024, we will select up to three Company Reads’ affiliates from this list, with selections announced in the last week of May.
  • We review our waitlist regularly to fill spots for upcoming terms or to replace outgoing affiliates, ensuring a vibrant and active affiliate community.

Ongoing Opportunity:

  • Applications are welcomed on a rolling basis. If not selected for the current term, applicants remain on the waitlist and will be considered for future opportunities as they arise.