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Brown Sisters Series

Get A Life, Chloe Brown

The series kicks off with "Get a Life, Chloe Brown," a story about Chloe, a computer geek with a chronic illness who crafts a "Get a Life" list to break free from her routine. Her quest leads her to Redford Morgan, the handyman of her apartment complex, and sparks fly.

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Take A Hint, Dani Brown

Dani Brown, a career-focused academic doesn't have time for love, only casual flings. That changes when a viral rescue video with Zafir Ansari, a security guard and former rugby player, leads to a fake dating arrangement for charity.

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Act Your Age, Eve Brown

The final installment centers on Eve Brown, the youngest sister, who is a bit of a wild card. After accidentally hitting Jacob Wayne, a B&B owner, with her car, she ends up working for him to make amends. As they clash and collide, they also begin to understand and care for each other deeply.

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Joya Goffney Collection

Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry

Quinn's life is turned upside down when her private journal, full of secrets and to-do lists, goes missing. Thrust into an unexpected alliance with her classmate Carter, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, confronting her fears and finding love along the way.

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Confessions of an Alleged Good Girl

Navigating the pressures of her conservative community, Monique wrestles with a deeply personal issue, challenging her beliefs and her role as the 'good girl'. Her journey of self-acceptance and understanding is a poignant exploration of teenage life, faith, and the complexities of growing up.

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My Week with Him

The story unfolds over an intense week, where a series of unexpected events lead to life-changing realizations and new relationships. This narrative blends elements of romance, personal growth, and the exploration of family dynamics, highlighting the protagonist's journey towards self-understanding and love.

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Boyfriend Project Series

The Boyfriend Project

Samiah Brooks, a victim of catfishing, teams up with her fellow catfished girlfriends, London and Taylor, to make a pact: no men, no dating, and six months to focus on themselves. During this time, Samiah encounters Daniel Collins, a charming coworker, making her question whether he's the real deal or too good to be true

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The Dating Playbook

Taylor Powell, a personal trainer facing financial struggles, is offered a secret opportunity to train former NFL player Jamar Dixon. However, when their secret partnership is exposed, Taylor's life takes an unexpected turn, and she must decide whether Jamar is in it just to win or for a lasting commitment."

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The Hookup Plan

Pediatric surgeon London Kelley seeks some stress relief and agrees to a casual hookup suggested by her friends Samiah and Taylor. However, the unexpected rendezvous with her high school nemesis, Drew Sullivan, complicates her life as she discovers his true motives for being in Austin and struggles to resist falling for her supposed enemy.

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All the King's Man Series

The Kingmaker

In a world divided by wealth and privilege, Maxim Cade rebels against his family's oil empire and its corrupt practices, setting out to create his own success. Lennix Hunter, fighting against the destruction of her ancestral land by Maxim's family, crosses paths with him at a protest, igniting an intense connection. Despite their conflicting backgrounds, a powerful attraction binds them together, and as their hearts pull them closer, Maxim is determined to win her heart, even if it means confronting his own family's dark secrets.

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The Rebel King

Lennix Hunter and Maxim Cade once shared a fiery connection, but when their love was betrayed, trust was shattered. Now, as Maxim rises to power in his family's empire, he seeks Lennix's companionship once more. However, when they confront an unforeseen challenge, their complicated history is put to the test, forcing them to reevaluate their roles in a perilous world of power and politics. As they play their parts in this high-stakes game, they must decide whether they can conquer it together or risk losing everything.

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Queen Move

Kimba Allen and Ezra Stern's story is a captivating journey of childhood best friends who find their way back to each other as adults, navigating the complexities of rekindled love and the enduring strength of a deep, emotional connection. Their tale is an exploration of the resilience of the heart and the power of a bond that withstands the test of time.

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