February Curated Collection

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Young Adult Fantasy

So Let Them Burn

Faron Vincent, a young heroine blessed with divine magic, faces a dilemma that could alter the destiny of her world: save her sister entwined with an enemy dragon, or heed the gods' grim directive. As dark paths and shocking secrets unfold, their choices will forge the future of empires and legends.

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Historical Fiction/Romance

The Mayor of Maxwell Street

In the heart of Prohibition-era Chicago, Nelly Sawyer, an undercover journalist and scion of Black society, joins forces with Jay Shorey, a self-made speakeasy king, to challenge the city's corrupt power structures. Their collaboration sparks a dangerous love and a daring quest for justice, navigating the tumultuous waters of race, class, and the American dream.

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Written by Male Authors

Young Adult Fantasy

Blood Debts

In the shadow of New Orleans' darkest magical history, twins Clement and Cristina Trudeau uncover a curse threatening their family, forcing them to confront their estranged relationship and the powers they've sworn to reject or embrace. As they delve into a murder that sparked a magical feud, their quest for truth could either heal their city's deep divisions or ignite an even greater catastrophe.

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Promise Boys

At the elite Urban Promise Prep, beneath a veneer of prestige, lies a murder that implicates three students—J.B., Ramón, and Trey—as prime suspects. United by suspicion but divided by secrets, they embark on a dangerous quest to uncover the real murderer, questioning trust and innocence in a race against time and doubt.

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Books for the Romantics

  • Romantic Comedy

    Do You Take This Man

    A fiery event planner and a cynical wedding officiant find themselves in an unlikely and heated "enemies with benefits" relationship amidst a flurry of weddings, challenging both to reconsider their views on love, vulnerability, and whether they might be each other's path to a happily ever after.

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  • Young Adult Romance

    Songs of Irie

    In 1976 Jamaica, amidst political upheaval, the deepening bond and emerging romance between Irie from the tumultuous streets of Kingston and Jilly from the gated hills faces the ultimate test as their worlds collide, challenging their love and beliefs against a backdrop of reggae and rebellion.

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  • Adult Romance

    The Accidental Pinup

    Forced to swap roles for a body-positive lingerie campaign, rival Chicago photographers Cassie and Reid discover an unexpected chemistry that blurs the lines between professional rivalry and personal desire, challenging both to envision love and success through a new lens.

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  • Romantic Comedy

    The Love Con

    Kenya Davenport and her best friend Cameron Lassiter blur the lines between pretend and reality when they cosplay as a couple for a reality show competition, challenging them to confront their true feelings under the guise of make-believe.

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More Books to Check Out

Contemporary Fiction

In Every Mirror She's Black

Three Black women's lives intersect with that of an influential white man in Stockholm, revealing a complex web of privilege, obsession, and the pursuit of belonging in a society that hides its secrets behind open doors in this gripping contemporary novel tackling issues of race, class, fetishization, and identity.

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Young Adult Romantic Fantasy

House of Marionne

On the run to hide her deadly magic, 17-year-old Quell reluctantly joins a secret society called the Order to escape an assassin, but as she faces challenges to bury her forbidden powers, a forbidden romance and the discovery of the Order's dark secrets make her question everything in this gripping tale of survival and self-discovery.

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The Blackwoods

The legacy of Blossom Blackwood, a Hollywood icon, reverberates through the lives of her great-granddaughters Hollis and Ardith as they are propelled into a world of fame, secrets, and high-stakes revelations, where everything is personal, nothing is private, and their family's name is synonymous with both glory and hidden truths.

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  • Young Adult Fantasy

    We Are the Origin

    Brandi, a deadly weapon of the queendom, is thrust into a new role by the goddess of life, Freya, and becomes the unlikely protector of a princess as she embarks on a perilous journey to confront an unimaginable enemy, unveiling the relentless power of a force that should never be underestimated.

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  • Adult Romance


    Young love lost.
    Two hearts in limbo.
    An unbreakable bond.
    A love story for the ages.

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