June Curated Collection

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  • Thriller

    Missing White Woman

    A romantic getaway turns into a nightmare when Breanna discovers a stranger dead in the foyer, and her boyfriend is missing. Stranded and out of her depth, she must navigate a tangled web of secrets and lies to uncover the truth before it's too late.

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  • Psychological Thriller


    Dr. Victoria Benning faces an ethical dilemma as she navigates the unpredictable lives of her clients, including a rap artist using sexual leverage, a manipulative film director, and a troubled screenwriter. As she struggles to maintain control and implement a game plan to help them, she finds herself ensnared in a spiral of madness that threatens her career and personal life.

  • Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy

    Blood at the Root

    In 'Blood at the Root,' embark on a thrilling journey with Malik as he discovers his hidden powers and ancestral ties at an HBCU for the young, Black, and magical. With secrets unraveling and a reawakened evil threatening their community, Malik must embrace his legacy to save both his old and new families in this captivating fantasy debut.

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  • Adult Fiction

    Skin & Bones

    As Lena's world is upended by a shocking confession on her wedding day, she navigates the complexities of grief, motherhood, and identity. With determination and resilience, she confronts societal expectations while striving to uncover the overlooked Black history of Oregon, challenging misconceptions and forging her own path to self-discovery.

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More Book Recommendations

Debut Adult Romance

The Art of Scandal

In "The Art of Scandal," Rachel Abbott navigates the fallout of her husband's infidelity by striking a deal: a million dollars and their luxurious home in exchange for maintaining the facade of the perfect Black trophy wife during his reelection campaign. But when she meets the alluring artist Nathan Vasquez, their undeniable connection forces Rachel to confront her desires and the secrets lurking beneath the surface of their affluent community, risking everything for a chance at love.

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Adult Crime Fiction

All the Sinners Bleed

In "All the Sinners Bleed," Titus Crown, the first Black sheriff of Charon County, Virginia, faces a chilling investigation when a schoolteacher's murder reveals dark secrets and a hidden serial killer. As he grapples with the town's harrowing history and his own painful past, Titus must navigate faith, violence, and a far-right group's agenda, risking everything to uncover the truth in his beloved hometown.

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Historical Fiction

Mrs. Wiggins

Maggie Franklin's calculated marriage to the respectable Hubert Wiggins offers an escape from her troubled past, but as secrets unravel and tensions rise, Maggie finds herself entangled in a web of lies and deceit. With her son's future at stake and her own desires driving her to extremes, Maggie will stop at nothing to protect her perfect facade, even if it means destroying those who threaten her carefully constructed world.

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One of Us Knows

After years of struggle with dissociative identity disorder, Kenetria Nash seizes a second chance as a caretaker of a historic home, only to find herself trapped with dangerous strangers, including the man from her past whose murder leaves her the prime suspect. In a race against time, Ken and her alters must uncover the truth of Kavanaugh Island before losing not only their future, but their lives.

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New Indie Read Added

Adult Dark Romance

In The Gray

Grief leads Atlas to a new start, but she didn't anticipate the fire awaiting her arrival—Rowdy Wray, the lion of Idlewild, becoming her boss and being the key to her past, leading to a twisted secret they share.

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