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Adult Fiction

No Reservations

No Reservations

Sheryl Lister

Released in 2024

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True friendship never ends.

Best friends forever. That’s the vow Joy, Diane, Rochelle and Yvette made when they were children, and even in their mid-thirties, the friends have always been there for each other—through the highs and lows of life and love. Until forever comes up against a terminal cancer diagnosis. Nothing could have prepared them for what life would look like when four became three.

But Yvette was prepared.

Her final gift to her girls is an all-expenses-paid trip to Jamaica like they had always talked about but kept putting off as life got in the way.

The Jamaican getaway seems to come at the perfect time as the remaining friends deal with their grief, dashed hopes, and unexpected relationship drama. Sick of putting her dreams to open a spa on hold, not to mention her husband’s lack of support, Joy decides she’s moving forward with her new business—with or without him. The thunderous ticking of Diane’s biological clock has her wondering if her desire to have a baby will ever come true, and her husband’s bizarre behavior has her questioning if he’s still on board. And after witnessing her friends’ imploding relationships, single mother Rochelle is content to do life on her own, but her heart doesn’t seem to get the memo when a new man unexpectedly enters the picture.

Guided by Yvette’s spirit, the friends must lean on each other now more than ever before as they learn to navigate their new normal, take unexpected risks and live life with no reservations.


'In this heartfelt tale about the power of friendship, Lister (Closer to You) examines the bonds among a group of middle-aged women, one of whom is dying and pleads with each of her friends to follow her instructions for finding fulfillment in their lives...The fluid narrative builds momentum as each friend charts a path to keep her promise to Yvette. Though the roads they traverse are often rocky, the destinations they reach are triumphant. This will enchant Lister's existing fans and gain her many new ones.'--Publishers Weekly

"At times both deeply emotional and heartwarmingly funny, No Reservations encapsulates the beauty of the unbreakable bond of enduring friendships and true sisterhood."

--Farrah Rochon, New York Times bestselling author of The Hookup Plan

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