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Romantic Comedy

Wedding Wonders & Woes

Wedding Wonders & Woes

Mia Sosa

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Dive into the delightful chaos of love, laughter, and wedding bells with Mia Sosa’s captivating duo: "The Worst Best Man" and "The Wedding Crasher". This special bundle brings together two standalone tales, each spinning a unique story around the enchanting world of weddings, promising to keep you hooked till the last page.The Worst Best Man"
Synopsis: In this witty romance, Lina Santos faces the ultimate professional challenge when she’s forced to collaborate with her ex-fiancé’s best man, Max Hartley. The man responsible for the wedding disaster years ago, Max now becomes an unexpected ally and a tantalizing complication in Lina’s life.
Romance Tropes: Enemies to lovers, forced proximity, second chance at love, and rom-com shenanigans.

"The Wedding Crasher"
Synopsis: Solange Pereira's accidental gate-crashing of a stranger's wedding sets off a series of unexpected events. Her impromptu speech saves the day, leading to an unusual job offer and an unexpected romance with the charming but guarded Dean Chapman.
Romance Tropes: Fake relationship, opposites attract, romantic comedy, and heartwarming redemption.

Whether you’re a die-hard romantic or a lover of hilariously heartfelt stories, this bundle is a perfect match. Mia Sosa’s signature blend of humor and emotion turns these wedding-themed escapades into a celebration of love in its most unpredictable forms.

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