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Young Adult Thriller

Out of Body

Out of Body

Nia Davenport

Released in 2024

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A high-stakes, propulsive YA thriller with a body-swap twist thoughtfully exploring themes of friendship and identity, perfect for fans of Tiffany D. Jackson.

Seventeen-year-old Megan Allen has been jumping from friend group to friend group in her high school, trying on identities like outfits. Nothing ever seems to fit—until she meets LC, the adventurous, charismatic girl who appears at her favorite coffee shop one day like magic. Finally, Megan feels like she’s becoming the person she’s meant to be: someone like LC.

On the night of their friendiversary, what was supposed to be a bonding experience ends in a waking nightmare. Suddenly, Megan is no longer herself. Too late, she realizes that LC has secrets—dangerous ones. Betrayed by her best friend, thrust into another girl’s life, and targeted by LC’s enemies, she must claim what makes Megan Megan to get her life back . . . or die trying.


"The examination of relevant teen themes of race, selfhood, and relationships plays out against the backdrop of an imaginatively developed landscape. In her YA debut, adult science fiction author Davenport deftly handles the body-switching plotline, keeping readers aware of who's who while delivering all too believable scares in a story that's a great choice for fans of Jordan Peele and Tiffany D. Jackson. Complex, entertaining, and thought provoking." -- Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"LC's complex characterization and Megan's gradual empathy for her plight are rewarding and thoughtfully rendered. Davenport (the Blood Gift Duology, for adults) utilizes powerful social commentary surrounding agency and living as a Black teen in contemporary society coupled with Megan's burgeoning self-confidence and rapid pacing to keep the pages turning toward an open-ended yet gratifying conclusion." -- Publishers Weekly

"This fast-paced sci-fi thriller will delight readers looking for a tightly plotted novel with a strong voice and a unique take on memory, identity, and what makes us who we are." -- Booklist

"With a bold premise and masterfully revealed plot, this thrilling novel is classic sci-fi with a twist. This isn't the carefree high jinks of Freaky Friday, this spookiness is straight out of The Matrix. Subtle lessons of accepting yourself are enhanced by the action in the book." -- School Library Journal

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