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The Regal Romance Bundle

The Regal Romance Bundle

Tracey Livesay

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Embark on a journey of passion and power with Tracey Livesay’s enchanting duology: "American Royalty" and "The Duchess Effect". This irresistible bundle combines the allure of royalty with the thrill of unexpected love, set against the backdrop of contemporary high society.

"American Royalty":
Synopsis: In this modern fairy tale, Danielle and Prince Jameson's worlds collide in a dazzling mix of music and monarchy. Danielle, a hip-hop sensation, finds herself falling for the charming prince, navigating a romance that defies norms and expectations.
Romance Tropes: Royal romance, celebrity and royalty, forbidden love, and a Cinderella-like tale.

"The Duchess Effect":
Synopsis: "The Duchess Effect" spins the tale of Emma and Asher, thrust into a marriage of convenience that soon sparks into something more. Emma, a passionate advocate for social justice, must balance her ideals with her new royal role, finding love and purpose in unexpected places.
Romance Tropes: Marriage of convenience, opposites attract, social justice meets royalty, and transformative love.

Tracey Livesay delivers a duology that blends the glamour of royalty with relatable, heartfelt stories. "The Regal Romance Bundle" is perfect for readers who dream of palaces and ballrooms but crave narratives grounded in real emotions and societal issues.

Experience the magic of love in high society with this captivating bundle, where fairy tales meet modern-day romance in the most enchanting way.

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