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Young Adult Romance

Finding Jupiter

Finding Jupiter

Kelis Rowe

Released in 2022

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Sparks fly when Orion and Ray meet for the first time at a roller rink in Memphis. But these star-crossed souls have a past filled with secrets that threaten to tear them apart before their love story even begins. Found poetry, grief, and fate collide in this powerful debut.

Ray: Just once I’d like my birthday to be about me, and not the day my father died. I want to be Ray Jr., the tall girl from Memphis with the poetry beats and the braids that stay poppin’. And when I meet Orion at the skating rink, that’s exactly who I am. He pulls my hand, and instead of being defined by my past, he races me toward my future.

Orion: When I dive into the pool, it’s just me and my heartbeat. There’s no dad, no dead sister, and no distracting noises. But I can’t hold my breath forever. And since I met Ray, I don’t want to. The closer we get, though, the more I see I’m not the only one caught in her wake.

With a lyrical blend of found poetry and poignant prose and the addition of black and white illustrations, this stunning debut captures young Black love and a decades-old family secret that may shatter a romance that feels written in the stars.


"Rowe leaves readers with a story that features three- dimensional characters who are beautifully flawed and unerringly honest. A love story that deserves to be told." -Booklist

"Packed with introspective prose, emphatic characters, and undeniable romantic chemistry." -Publishers Weekly

" Rowe strikes the perfect romantic balance, keeping just enough dramatic realism to temper the idyllic sweetness of Ray and Orion's blossoming relationship but still allowing their love to unfold tenderly." -The Bulletin

"Lush and lyrical, Finding Jupiter shows us both the healing and transformative power of love. A galaxy-bright debut." --Laura Taylor Namey, New York Times bestselling author of A Cuban Girl's Guide To Tea and Tomorrow

" Self-affirming and deeply moving. Rowe tenderly reminds us that it takes courage to love and love to heal." -J. Elle, New York Times bestselling author of Wings of Ebony

" A sparkling debut!" -Liara Tamani, author of All the Things We Never Knew

"A relevant, heartwarming love story for a generation-- it will gut you and then put you back together again." -Kristen R. Lee, author of Required Reading for the Disenfranchised Freshman

"With cinematic storytelling, undeniable chemistry, and a fresh set of authentic characters, this story left me feeling comforted, inspired, and grinning ear to ear." -Joya Goffney, author of Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry

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